Salomon S-Lab X-Series Nz: A pair of good enough running shoes is what kind of experience

This is my first N + 1 times to be carefully in hand to weigh, is my first N +2 times being worn on the feet ran the first step, I took the N + N times the marathon track, Accompany them to run 5KM, 10KM, 21.0975KM and 42.195KM, every time I will use will do their best to accompany them across the finish line to listen to their cheers.
I like them to call me “red shoes”, like to appear in their circle of friends in the self, like every time in their chat in my name, and like to ride the end of time blanket feel.

Salomon S-Lab X Series on the rear can clearly feel the comfort of lightweight design, a single 216 grams of shoes on the feet and not too much pressure. And at the foot of the double-density in the end will let you in 216 grams of light experience to add a buffer of excellent feel. However, because the forefoot and palm after 8mm height difference, so before the palm of the buffer to be less than the hind paw, of course, all this is for speed.
Salomon S-Lab X Series of shoe width is relatively moderate, the forefoot position of the two-way stretch Lycra fabric also greatly enhance the comfort of the foot, Salomon S-Lab X Series upper application of Salomon in the off-road shoes on the two most Top of the upper package technology SENSIFIT and ENDOFIT, my pair of slightly fleshy feet in the shoe storehouse no obvious sense of excess, can feel the obvious package. Toe part of the corresponding anti-collision design, but after several runs in the top of the glue to open the case of glue, of course, not to worry about block off.

The tongue has always been a big problem in the design of road running shoes, Salomon S-Lab X Series tongue-shaped tongue for the set of feet, although it can be a good way to solve the problem of running shoes tongue tongue, but the tongue Because the outer edge of the foot close to the feet will always have the illusion of foreign body. Fortunately, this is only in the case of daily commuting will have the feeling, because the use of the former run when the road running all the close to the heel position of discomfort is not so strong.
In the heel position, Salomon does not use too many sponges to wrap the heel, and with a simple cross-over design, the protective support bar across the shoe side crosses the heel-like vertical support to form a lightweight, effective heel , Whether it is daily commuter or road running does not appear with the foot situation.
Salomon S-Lab X Series of the upper part of the main part of the use of more light-weight fast-drying breathable mesh, although not like other breathable road running shoes, like standing can feel the wind swimming between the feet, but the upper Permeability is relatively good, the shoes of the heat will be quickly distributed through the upper and out, road running Salomon S-Lab X Series permeability feel good, competent summer hot weather ability will not be too bad.

See the Salomon S-Lab X Series in the end will make you think of the Department of cushioning running shoes, double density composite EVA material in the end of both the cushioning and support stability, the forefoot use of smaller density softness better Of the EVA material to ensure that when the feet fall cushioning, after the palm position is the use of two kinds of density of the combination of EVA material design, in addition to providing the heel down with the buffer, but also to ensure long distance running Provide adequate support for your feet.
Salomon S-Lab X Series double-density midsole cushioning although less than Boost and IGNITE in the end as Q bomb, the author a little weight, but in the end of the support of the feet did not let me down in the short-distance run Environment in the end of the cushioning performance may not be as perfect as we expect, but when it comes to long-range raid, double-density midsole advantage of the performance is very obvious in more than 13KM distance road running, the foot of the feedback And did not weaken the feeling in the end did not increase with the distance and harden

Salomon S-Lab X Series before and after the end of a 8mm height difference, although the gap with the current popular barefoot 0 gap, but the 8mm height difference to Salomon S-Lab X Series in the transition between the feet before and after the smooth, as Salomon For the first time involved in running shoes 8 mm may be a relatively safe height difference, and will not let the first attempt to pay too much to learn the cost of familiarity, whether for the forefoot landing or after the palm floor can provide good support and cushion.
The only slightly dissatisfied I Salomon S-Lab X Series in the end is too sensitive to the first few feet on the move after they left in the bottom of a few fold, and in several daily commuting and road running After the fold will be covered with the entire bottom. I used to run in the front of the floor to run the law, so the forefoot and palm in the middle of the location of the fold is more obvious. Another point because the 8mm palm before and after the height difference to Salomon S-Lab X Series before the palm of the palm of the palm of the buffer compared to a lot less.
In the soles of the bridge section, Salomon S-Lab X Series using the new 3D PROFEEL film to achieve the arch support and before and after the palm of the link, and this design in the past rarely in the S-Lab’s cross-country running shoes, it can be said Is also a new attempt. 3D PROFEEL film and most of the hard road in the middle of the bridge is not hard because of the impact of material before and after the palm of the transition, in the actual road race, the palm before and after the transition is quite smooth in the bridge position is not obvious Block sense.